Royalty Free Music Made Simple

Rocket Summer Royalty Free Music

Welcome to Rocket Summer! Our mission is to be the easiest way to license royalty free music for any project without a subscription. We started on this journey as a result of our own frustration when it came to sourcing, licensing, and paying for royalty free music for creative projects of our own, from corporate explainer videos to personal podcasts, YouTube clips to advertising spots. The options that were available were often complex, expensive, and simply overwhelming. There are several ways that we want to make Rocket Summer different from other royalty free music services.

Simple Licensing

As creative people (not legal experts), we wanted the most straightforward licensing options available that would allow us to use a track in the most common ways that we anticipated needing it without trying to understand confusing terms for territories, distribution, and more. So we made Rocket Summer royalty free music licensing as simple as possible to cover the most common scenarios in the easiest terms we could.

No Subscriptions

We also found that most other services required costly monthly or annual subscriptions in order to license even a single track. Some also required subscriptions on a per-person basis, so teams had to pay more to access the same tracks. This didn’t make sense to us. We often only needed a single track or several tracks for a single project in any given month, so paying for a subscription was difficult to justify. We designed Rocket Summer pricing to give you unlimited use in perpetuity for a single track for a single price. Easy.

Exclusive, Curated Music

Perhaps most important of all, we found the number of options available on other royalty free music sites completely overwhelming. Even with filtering and sorting, the sheer volume of tracks made it difficult to find something that just fit. Worse, they were often ordered by popularity—so this bestselling tracks kept right on selling. This might be great for the music service, but didn’t inspire a lot of confidence that the track you were buying wouldn’t show up in other projects similar to yours. If you’ve dealt with other stock creative materials, you know just how common it is to see the same images used over and over again.

Our solution? Offer a curated library of exclusive royalty free music music tracks that change and evolve, so it’s easy to always find just what you’re looking for without having to sift through hundreds of similar choices or lower quality tracks.

What’s Next

We think you’ll like what you hear, but we’re just getting started. We’re working on bringing you an expanded collection of royalty free music to fit every mood, genre, and project, but with the same focus on curation and ease of use. Got some feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime.